Basement floor drain keeps clogging?


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Basement floor drain keeps clogging?

My house was built in 1956 and did not have a garbage disposal until I put one in about a year ago. I have lived in the house for about four years and never had any problems with the floor drain in the basement getting clogged. Ever since I put in the garbage disposal. The drain in the basement keeps getting clogged. Both my bath tub and shower seem to be running out of the house fine and the sink in the kitchen, sink in the basement and washing machine in the basement all seem to be running threw the floor drain in the basement and then connecting with the main pipe leaving the house under the concrete floor. My question is what should I do to stop this? Is it likely that the pipe running my garbage disposal is to small for a garbage disposal?

Any thoughts would help.
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I would not say the piping is too small, but it is possible the piping is either back-pitched, or has no pitch and when you use the disposal, food particles build up in the line until it plugs up. Either dig up the basement floor and replace the pipe, or stop using the disposal.

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