Improving Noisy Overhead PVC Soil Pipe


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Improving Noisy Overhead PVC Soil Pipe

Our house was built with the master bath directly above the living room...with the PVC soil pipe running the full 12' across the ceiling, and the main stack (also PVC) in the adjacent wall. The joists and the stud bays are not insulated, and the sound of flushing toilets can be somewhat less-than-classy.

I'll soon have access to the entire ceiling. Is this simply an insulation issue...or are their corrections I should make to the PVC installation (such as replacing it, or changing the way it's suspended)? Is there something quiter than PVC?

Thanks in advance for the advice.
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The best way to stop the noise is to replace the drainage piping in the ceiling and wall with No-Hub Cast Iron drainage pipe. Old cast iron never had this problem, but with the invent or PVC/ABS pipe, we gained noises.

Most people do not install cast iron because of the cost.
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If you decide to keep the current PVC pipe, using insulation around it does muffle the sound quite a bit.

Just make sure your pipes are properly sealed and you have no leaks that could cause moisture buildup in your ceiling and insulation.

You could also look into some for of sound absorber. They make this in home style for floors or you can find it for walls at a professional audio store.

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