opinions about gas pipe


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opinions about gas pipe

Hi - Do most plumbers agree on which is the best choice for gas piping in a private residence, i.e. CSST vs. black iron pipe? Is there some type of consensus on this.

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Black Iron has been used for years. Durable, requires skill, and provides safety.

Gas-Tite, WardFlex, CSST are materials that can be punctured quite easily or can have wear points.

Wear points like property owners hanging plastic or wire hangers that wear down the plastic covering and then the thin corrugated stainless tubing gets damaged.

Nails can be shot or driven through this piping on remodels, even new construction at times if contractors don't install strike guards where the piping passes through wood.

In my area you can't run flexi's through wood, can't understand how this product, even though it has a tougher covering, is allowed in this fashion to be used in this way.

Almost always though; this piping has to have black iron associated with it at the termination points.

Aside from that, lightning strikes have been known to blow holes into this piping as well. This piping must be correctly grounded, a problem not found with black iron piping systems.

There is one instance in my area where a dog chewed on the gas line going into the water heater when the dog was put in the basement for the day. House didn't blow up but the owner came back to a leaking gas line.

I've never seen dogs chew on black iron gas lines.

Having that corrugated stainless gas piping in your home is a liability, not an asset.
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thanks for your opinion Dunbar Plumber - sounds like you are less than thrilled with that CSST :-)

I guess there are a couple ways to look at it:
- what's the cheapest?
- if time/money isn't a concern, is there any reason to go with the flexible pipe?

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Gas piping is not a consumable - it is usually intended to perform the function of transporting flammable/explosive gas for many years/decades. You want the best job you can get - not the cheapest.
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And most areas do not allow homeowners to do gas plumbing. Must be done by a licensed pro.
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Recently, Massachusetts banned CSST, then fairly soon brought it back under this condition: Requires and electrical AND plumbing permit. Electrical bonding of the CSST must be accomplished by a licensed electrician.
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there is no problem with running csst as long as you are certified for it. even black steel piping is supposed to be properly bonded although it rarely is.

compared to how much csst has been ran over the years there have not been that many problems with lightening comparatively and they have come to the realization that it was a bonding issue. i have not heard of a house with just a few branch lines ran from the steel piping having any issues with lightening.

csst is more expensive to purchase and the black pipe is more expensive to run so that means in the long run if it is a lot of piping the csst may be cheaper but shorter runs it may be a wash.

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