Garbage disposal won't turn off??

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Garbage disposal won't turn off??

I have an Insinkerator garbage disposal, 3/4 HP, about 6 years old. It is operated by turning the sink stopper, not by a light switch. All of a sudden it will not turn off. Every time I turn the handle it turns on just fine but it won't turn off by the handle. I need to trip the breaker to get it to turn off. I tried hitting the reset button on the bottom but that has not helped.

Has anyone had a problem like this and been able to fix it? I'd like to avoid buying a new one unless I have to. Thanks!
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either call someone that services them or replace it. is all i can say since i dont do anything other than unjam and replace
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Garbage Disposal

I don't know anyone that repairs disposals unless they are under warantee, the labor is usually more then the cost of a new one, sorry.
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I've never seen one like this before. Interesting. I wonder how they tie in a mechanical linkage or whatever, from up top, to the electrical. We know that the handle you are turning is connected and functioning, and must be shutting off some contact of some sort. Because if it wasn't, then when you shut off the breaker and turned on the breaker again, the disposer would come on again. But it doesn't -until you turn the handle back to on. Meaning the handle did indeed shut off some contact, and then you were able to turn it back on again.

I have "relays" dancing in my head from a vacuum cleaner thread. Maybe they have one inside. You'd have to look if you care to, depending on your ambition and mechanical and electrical prowessness.

I wonder if the company has tech support where they can advise you. Trouble is, since we are dealing with an electrical component, they may be reluctant to offer advice to someone that is not one of their authorized appliance service technicians electrician.

Therefore, you may have to do some logical thinking, and try to find where that handle turns on and off the power inside it, and see what you see what kind of switching apparatus there is. Maybe an ISE company tech would at least tell you if these disposers have some relay or circuit board control - as long as you don't tell them you plan on trying to service it. You can maybe say what it does, and that you are curious, and whether to have it pay to have it fixed or not.
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Cool Goofy but worked!

Totally goofy, but get this, i had the SAME problem with my Insinkerator Badger 444-3. I had just had the sink/countertops replaced. When I went to re-install my 6 yr old disposal, it immediately started running EVEN WITH THE WALL SWITCH TURNED OFF!. The only way to stop it was to unplug the unit or flip the circuit breaker off. So here was my funny solution (after prayer!), I plugged the unit in the same outlet box, but a different hole set (switched where Dishwasher plug was with it i.e. just reversed which plug holes they were inserted into). Voila! Fixed! )
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My guess would be some food gunk got caught in the mechanism that turns it on and off. If you look at how the stopper 'locks' into the disposal, I would use a hot water stream to try to clean that area out. Maybe a toothpick or something similar would help as well. BUT do this with the disposal either unplugged or the breaker off just to be safe.
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Old thread and I will close.

Anyone with GD issues please start a new thread....Thanks.
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