Washer overflows drain pipe


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Washer overflows drain pipe

My washer seems to be putting water out faster than the drain can handle it. You can hear the PVC piping fill up and eventually it pours out the top of the drain pipe.

There are not clogs in the system, any suggestions on either reducing the speed at which the washer evacuates the water or creating a seal to force the water through the pipe.

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Is this a recent change or has it always been this way?Did you get a new washer?

What it sounds most like is a partial build up which is common with the lint etc in washer water.The flow is not stopped but low enough for the washer pressure and volume to overwhelm it.

Do not try and stop the backflow the pressure will just relieve itself somewhere else.
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Had this problem with the last washer as well, just moved this one down. Got that fixed by luck (i think) by adding some extra rubber tubing to the washer hose thus creating a seal in the drain pipe, you could hear the water back up but it would not pass upward through that seal. (was not able to seal this time)

Where the slow down occurs starts at where the horizonatal pipes from the washer hit the main vertical drain pipe, I had torn it apart in the past with no clogs to be found. I think it is a flow speed problem, just not sure how to reduce washer water output or tapper my hose down so water flows slower.

Any ideas
THanks Brian
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Unfortunately, as washers become more efficient, the water is expelled from than faster than older ones. If you don't have a clog, your next step is to upgrade the washer drain to 2" PVC. 2" is now required by code (for new installs) to compensate for higher drain rates.

It sounds like your drains may be easily accessible, and would do well with an upgrade. Plus, new piping will ensure everything is pitched correctly and is nice and clean.

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