Silcock too small for wall hole - how to fill / secure?


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Question Silcock too small for wall hole - how to fill / secure?

I am replacing the silcock for an outside hose. On the side of the silcock are slots for screws to attach it to house.

Well the round hole in the house (around the new silcock) is too big and the screw holes don't line up with anything but air.

How can I "fill in the wood" around the new silcock / hole in house with something that I can screw into to?

(All of the plubming flanges are too big and thick.) Do I use wood filler to reduce the size of the house hole? Or is there something better.

I need to secure the silcock to something!

Thank you for your help.
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I can't see your situation, but sometimes if faced with a similar situation, you could cut a piece of wood about 4" square, drill a 5/8" or 3/4" hole in the middle, then cut it in half. You could, then attach this "frame" you made around your sillcock, fastening it to the wall and the sillcock to the "frame". Why is the hole bigger?
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Good idea to make a wood frame. Thank you.

The hole is bigger because I have quick / cheap construction and the builder / plumber made too big a big hole, and then screwed the silcock to the aluminum siding instead of anything substantial behind it! Then hid the whole thing under a huge mound of plumbers putty!

(And then also split / pinched an electrial wire inside the silcock mount!)

It's one of those houses where every time you go to replace something, you find out it was done wrong initially, so it's never an easy fix!
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I actually like Chandler's recommendation better, but I had a similar problem a few months ago which I fixed with Liquid Nails. It sealed the hole well and holds the faucet in place.
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Bondo or Snow White is a favorite fix of mine for things like this. No, it isn't just for auto body work. Nice thing is you can sand it to get a nice surface and if you need to it will break out pretty easy.

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