sewer clean out


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sewer clean out

i am having a house built, and i was told that the PVC pipes sticking out of the ground at the back of the house are for sewer clean out. One of them is maybe 4 inches in diameter and about 2 feet away from the house and sticking straight up and down about 5 inches out of the ground. The largest one is maybe 6 inches in diameter and about 2 feet above ground, about a foot from the house, and USED to be straight up and down, but has been knocked off at an angle (from the backfill I'm guessing). I assumed that this couldn't be a GOOD thing, and that some sort of seal has been broken. The builder has assured me that the larger pipe won't even be there when the house is completed, and that it is just a test pipe(?). I'm concerned that this will cause SOME SORT of problem in the future. Can you confirm this for me?
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Sewer Cleanout

The pipe 2ft. from the house is about the distance of a required c.o.

Since you don't need two, the other pipe could be anything; have the builder explain exactually what he is calling a test pipe.
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Thanks, Shacko. Apparently the larger PVC pipe is a test for some sort of inflatable ball to test the pressure(?), but he told me that it would be gone when the house is completed, and that it wouldnt matter anyway. I just found it unsettling that the pipe is bent over, and am thinking it CANT be sealed, right?
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Test Tee

Olaza: Shaco is right on the money. The second pipe is temporary. It is not attached to the sewer line but rather resting on top of a Test Tee, a fitting used to install a test plug in order to fill the drainage system with water. This larger pipe just allows them to reach this fitting to install the plug. Once the test is complete a threaded plug will be installed in the tee, the six inch pipe removed and this fitting will be covered and long forgotten.

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