DIY plumbing


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DIY plumbing

I just wanted to double check something with the experts
Are we allowed to work on our plumbing ourselves? I mean installing toilets, sinks, showers and drains, etc..? I'm allowed to hook up a gas stove as well, correct? I live in a condo in CT and want to make sure that nothing stands in my way of successfully remodeling without any hassle or complaints.

Back where I come from, I've never heard of such ridiculous laws. They do make sense if people don't know what the hell they're doing though..... but we've never called a plumber or an electrician to fix all the way!!!

P.S. firedog and geeksquad will come and "Install" your new flatscreen TV for you, hooking up all those millions of confusing, rocket engine - like connections behind the device, for only $99! WOW
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DIY Plumbing

There is only one place that can answer your question; your local jurisdiction. Those rules change with every city, county or state.
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Being in a condo your repairs could affect others if things go wrong.
"Back where you come from" it is likely that there is not the same legal system that allows for major lawsuits for minor problems.
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Lol absolutely! However things can't be worse than they are already!

I will be doing very basic work, primarily faucets, sinks, etc. The most involved I will get is if I put in a new shower faucet, which isn't difficult. By the way, anyone know why its so difficult to find shower faucets that have water pressure control? Seems kind of wasteful to me not to have it...
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Yes You Can!!!!

Ukrain: There is no jusisdiction within the United States that does not allow a home owner to make repairs to his own property. Keeping in mind that with some larger repairs you will be required to obtain a homeowners permit. This is for your safety and the safety of the community. Some states attempted to make natural gas line installations by licensed professionals only. This was taken all the way to the Supreme Court in all jurisdictions and struck down. As Shacko stated: If there is a question about the work involved, check with your local code enforcement office to see if you need to permit the work in order to have it inspected. And always!!! if your not sure about your abilities on a specific project, seek advice.

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