New washer drain line in old outdoor utility room


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New washer drain line in old outdoor utility room

I have a 1940's pier and beam home. It's located in the hot, basement-free, area known as south texas.

On the side of my house is a one car concrete slab/carport that has an outdoor utility room at the back of the slab. There is a breezeway between the utility room and house that leads to the backyard.

In the utility room, on an outside wall, I have a 40 gallon gas water heater, 220 power for a dryer, and supply lines for a washing machine. However, I have no drain line for a washing machine. The previous owner just used to let his washing machine water run out through a hole in the side of the utility room and into the backyard. I would like to install a new pvc drain line in my old utility room, but i'm lost on how to do this.

The only drain line I have in my house is a cast iron that goes from under the pier and beam house into the ground, across the downward sloping backyard, and meets the city main under the back alley. This drains the bathroom and the kitchen waste. I was planning on connecting new 3" pvc to the cast iron about 25 feet downstream from where the cast iron leaves the house and digging the pvc around to the side of the utility room. I just am not sure about how to get the drain inside the utilty room- through the wall or under the slab?

Do I have to drill through the slab of the utility room to run a PVC drain, or can I drill through the wall and run the pvc straight down the outside of the utility room and into the ground? The studs in the utility room are exposed so the P trap, venting through the roof part, I pretty much have figured out.

We would really appreciate anyone who could shed some light on this. My wife would really like to be able to do laundry at our house- thanks.
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Well over here on the Gulf Coast side we'd just bury a 2" line a foot or two down Bring it up the outside wall. Drill a hole in the wall for the drain and hook it through the wall into the 2"PVC. That's the way mine is and has been that way for 30 years.

You might want to put a P trap where it turns up out of the ground or an S-trap part way up.

Northerners I know your muttering about frost line and freezing but here frost line is measured in fractions of an inch and usually freezing isn't a problem. Comes a hard freeze you can pour in a bit of non-toxic anti-freeze in the drain and a 40w light bulb in the washer.
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Thanks for your reply Ray.

I'm thinking that I'm just going to go through the wall and down into the ground.

We are sitting at 105 in the afternoons here. A "hard freeze" for us is one or two 30 to 33 degree mornings/year followed by a 40 to 50 degree afternoon.

Thanks again.
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Drain Line

Unless your wife likes to smell shxt, put a p-trap on your line and a vent, should also have a stand pipe 18-30in. in the trap.
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Thanks shacko. I guess I need to go rent that ditch witch...

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