Can I use an autovent on a clothes washer?


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Can I use an autovent on a clothes washer?

I have been getting a horrible mildew/sewer smell from my washer. I tore out the wall behind it to inspect the venting system, and found that there is no p-trap installed and no vent pipe system connected. There is no pipes going through the roof to vent to in this location.

Would an Auto-vent system work for this application?

The drain goes straight out the back of the house and into the drain pipe.

Thank you for any input received.
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You for sure need to add a trap. Is the line 2"? You may not need a vent if there is plenty of space around the washer hose for air to enter.

Just in case you are not aware the purpose of the vent is not primarily to let fumes out but air in to prevent a vacuum that might pull the water out of the trap thus letting fumes in.

I'm guessing what you are calling an "Auto-vent system" is what I always called a vacuum breaker valve. A one way valve that lets air into the line so water isn't sucked out of the trap. If there is not sufficient air drawn in around the washer drain hose then yes you will need one.
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Yes that is the type of valve I was referring to, but I thought it let air in to help push the water draining out into the drain pipe. KK..i got ya. And the pipe in back of the washer is 2".

Thank you Ray. I learned something today =).

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Actually...I think they are called "inline vents" or "air admittance valves" (AAV).

A vacuum breaker is a different animal normally used on outside faucets/spigots and such.

Autovent may be a sort of brand name though..they used to call them something else back in VA but I can't remember what it was.

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