Adding pvc to cast iron


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Adding pvc to cast iron

Ok looking for a little advice. I am planning on adding a saniflo pump toilet in my basement. The only problem that I am running into is connecting the pvc pipe run from the toilet into my cast iron drain pipe. I will have to put a Y connecter off the cast iron. Now if this was pvc I would have no problem and know how to do it but I don't know what to use for the Y connector on the pipe. Do they make Y connectors that are metal or cast iron that I can join with a rubber gasket (not sure of the name of them) basically I will leave the cast iron pipe as is and cut out a section for a Y connector and join the pipe. I know how to add from PVC to Cast iron but I need the Y connector in the middle of the pipe and I would assume that if I cut the pipe and take out what I need for a Y connector and put a pvc Y connector in the middle of the cast iron pipe where I need it and use the rubber gaskets to join them I would assume that is too much weight on the PVC
Anyone with insight I would appreciate it.
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Smile Toilet Install

Keep in mind if you are cutting into a stack you have to support the upper part before you cut or the whole thing could come down.

You can use either a no-hub wye or a pvc wye, the no-hub would be easier, but more cost. The pvc wye would need two pieces of pipe, one in each end, them hook either one up with Fernco or Mission couplings. When you make your cut allow approx. 3/8inch clearance, make sure your cut is STRAIGHT!, luck.
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I'd use a pvc wye and 2 ferncos. If you strap the cast iron up high and the weight is supported you don't have anything to worry about.

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