Sewer gas from AC???


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Sewer gas from AC???

Here's th' short version. History: 2 mo. ago-repaired the shower drain in the master bathroom. 1 mo. ago-visit from family 15 of us in the house for a weekend (infant to 62 yrs old). After they left, we noticed sewer gas in the hall bathroom. I caulked around both toilets, but the smell persisted, so I changed the wax rings. (had to replace the closet flange in the hall-rusted away) I figured it was fixed, but when I got home from work, wife says she is sick from the sewer gas. Strong odor coming from AC duct in the hall bathroom, faint odor in the master bath AC, no other ducts smell bad. Built in 1983. Slab with PVC. Had to replace floor vent boxes because of rusting out 6 years ago. All vent pipes are clear through the roof. Replaced the sanitary T on the sink in the hall bath last week because of a leak. Turned on the AC, and it nearly knocked us over. Removed the condensate line from the floor drain in the AC/hot water heater closet to make sure it was not sucking from there. When I removed the stand pipe, the washer sent water out the open floor drain. A/C returns (2) in the ceiling, cold air supply vents (9) in the floor. PVC duct work, PVC plumbing. No other water problems apparant, and all the fixtures are used daily, so unless one of the traps is siphoning, they are all full. I can see water in the ones I can look into. Why and how does this smell invade the AC, and short of cameras and smoke and pressure tests how can I diagnose the problem? Is this something simple that I am missing, or am I facing financial ruin?
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are you on a septic system, if so you might have over loaded the laterals and might be in need of pumping out the settlement tank, you say vent pipes are clear thru the roof, does that mean you used a light and looked down inside them? check for plugged vents or over loaded septic system, if you are on a city system then you might need to have the city come out and clean the lines down stream from your house, remember to keep fog to a minimum in the drains (fats,oils& grease) these are your drains worst enemy's
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Question Sewer Smell

>>>>When I removed the stand pipe, the washer sent water out the open floor drain.<<<<

I have a hard time figuring out what that statment means?

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