Main Water Line Leak


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Main Water Line Leak

I'm guessing that the answer to this question is going to be "no" but I have to ask anyway... there a way I can repair a small, slow leak in my main water line WITHOUT having the water shut off and replacing the pipe/fitting? The leak is comming from a compression fitting. I'm afraid to tighten it down any farther for fear of over tightening and causing a greater leak. I was really hoping that there was some sort of "miracle epoxy" that actually worked.

Now, that being said, I'm sure there are a few of you that feel tempted to tell me that the only right way to do it is to shut the water off, and replace the pipe. That's fine. But for the love of God please spare me the lectures about how putting a band-aid on a problem only screws you over later.
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Don't have to...
Originally Posted by johns9761 View Post
...But for the love of God please spare me the lectures about how putting a band-aid on a problem only screws you over later.
... You did so, so beautifully.

Even if there was a miracle substance, you most likely would have to remove pressure and water to allow it to cure 48hrs. So bite the bullet and shut off to inspect the compression parts. For it to work, the pipe has to bottom out and be square to the fitting. The pipe needs to de-burred, straight and clean without defects. Also, the ferules need to be squared off to the pipe and fitting. There are a lot of variables that have to be just right for compression to work. To be right, the pipe will bulge just below the ferules to fill the fitting chamber to create a seal.

It's a one shot Johnny. The compression ferules can only be "crushed" once, but if done right you can take off a few times and re-tighten before having to re-compression again.

Make sure the fitting you are using can handle the maximum pressure in your main.

Hope this sparks your mind. Please post back your results.

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