ABS 1 1/2" leak at join


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ABS 1 1/2" leak at join

semi-boiling water poured down kitchen sink (canning)...the lower join of the elbow connection to the 1 1/2' n pipe, located in crawl space, has now started leaking (when water flows) minor, but very obvious.
question..since hot water caused leak.. can heat be used to unseal the rest of the join or is it better to cut above and below the elbow ?
The top join of the elbow is difficult to get at!

thx in advance

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Hi Al, I'm not a plumber and they may throw stones at me for saying this, but I don't get real upset at drain lines. For what it is worth , I have painted leaks like that with more ABS solvent; I have cut the pipe and slid on a ring cut from another elbow to butt up against the leak; and I have even split that same ring and glued both halves back together, again up against the leak. All have worked. You always have the option to cut things out and replace all, but gluing a ring of similar material up next to it is a pretty good fix. I'll duck now so they can start throwing.


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Smile ABS Leak

It's doubtful that the water caused the leak, if that was so everybodys' ABS system would be falling apart. You can't use heat to take it apart, the joints are supposed to be solvent welded which when done right melts the plastic together. Your only practical repair is to cut it out and replace, luck.
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I'm no plumber either, but I like the "Ring" Mans idea. Really good thinking out of the box. At the very least, a good temporary solution that might just last forever. And like he said, its a drain and not under pressure.

I do know first hand that there is a "green" colored solvent weld that will join black and white drain plastic together. It has a good thick body to it. I forget the brand. I like it better than the universal "clear" solvent. It's too runny. I have used it to retro-fit black drain with white. It was too difficult to acquire the pieces needed in black ABS.

My 2 cents... Duck 'N' Cover.
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Or cut the el out and use a Fernco el. Not a BigBox item maybe but a supply house should have it.

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Leak at join

..i think it was sloppy workmanship hence poor connection.
i really appreciate all the input received..it has given me many options...
Thank you all again for your time,experience and response..

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If your piping is ABS (black plastic) I'll second Bud's suggestion to just slop some black ABS cement on the outside of the joint is it is just a tiny leak or to get a new fitting and cut off the belled joint section and after splitting it, glue it next to the leaking joint using plenty of ABS cement. You might want to use two or three applications of the cement waiting a day in between applications. Be sure to use ABS cement and not a generic or PVC cement.

If your piping is PVC (white) then use PVC cement and fittings.
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Thumbs up abs leak @ join

thanks to all contributing to my dilemma....
I coated the leaking area with 4-5 coats of ABS cement! (over kill but what the heck).
Anyway....NO LEAKS! Yahoo!

Thanks everyone...


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