sometimes get a loud "Jack Hammer" sound coming from pipes


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sometimes get a loud "Jack Hammer" sound coming from pipes


We sometimes get a very loud jack hammer sound when we turn on the cold water in our 2nd story bathroom sink. It only happens with the cold water (2 handle faucet). The first time we heard it was about 6 months ago and it was very infrequent. Now, we here it every other time we turn on the water.

Any ideas what is causing it? I suspect the problem is the faucet handle itself, but am not sure. I am fairly inexperienced with plumbing so any advice would be appreciated.
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One of several things might be happening here....1:loose washer in the faucet it self,2:loose washer in the shut off valve onder the sink,3and I know this sounds wild but,,,)the toilet fill can eliminate this one simply by shutting off the valve under the toilet and then run your faucet....if you still have the noise, then I suggest removing the cold water faucet stem and check the washer there the tast ,and most unlikely place,will be the valve under the sink....

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