Washine machine faucets leak at handle fix?


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Washine machine faucets leak at handle fix?

I just disconnected my washer for a couple of weeks to paint. When I reattached the lines to the washer and turned on the faucets both of the faucets just started leaking and squirting water out of the top where the the handle goes in a nut when I turned them back on. These are new plumbing fixtures and worked fine a couple of weeks ago what went wrong? They leak no matter how much I open them up -if water is flowing through its also flowing up and out the top.
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The nut the handle stem goes through is the packing gland nut. Try tightening the packing gland nut. Just a bit at first. Maybe a quarter turn. You want to get a balance between tight enough not to leak and loose enough you can still turn the stem.
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The wall by my washing machine is leaking help

I recently moved my washing machine, and had a little trouble disconnecting the tubes, I twisted the tube it unfortunately did not budge, but the pipe did. During this time the main water line was off. When I turned it back on water started shooting out of the wall where the tubing and pipes are. What to do Help.
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Sermons...time to cut open the wall and see what you are dealing with..correct terms help.

Pipe, joint, valve, hose, etc. The picture you paint is clear as mud right now.

First you need to find your main water shutoff and close it...

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