Need help with strange shower valve


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Need help with strange shower valve

Hi all -

I have a steam shower that has no hot water pressure. I strongly suspect the problem was caused by little plastic bits in the water supply caused by a defective cold water return in the hot water heater. I replaced the heater, but I think little bits are clogging the valve.

So, I turned off the water, pulled off the handle, and removed the outer sleeve that secured the assembly to the back of the shower. Below that I saw this type of cartridge:
Faucet Cartridge for Replacement A06 | Water Faucet Mixer Taps

The problem is that I can't figure out how to get it out. It is secured by a chrome dome shaped part with male threads at the back (used for the outer sleeve). How do I get this piece off? Pipe wrench with a cloth? Turn clockwise or counterclockwise? Is there another way?

Thanks in advance!
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My faucets came with instructions for removing/replacing the cartridge. Do you have the instructions for yours? If not, you can probably find them online.
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Nope - no manual - this is a Chinese steam shower with very poor documentation.
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It would have been better if you posted a picture of the problem faucet instead of what may be the cartridge.
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Good idea! Photos attached.


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