Kitchen sink wall drain Pipe Repair.


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Kitchen sink wall drain Pipe Repair. started my project by trying to replace a kitchen sink stainer. It turned out to be a larger project once I got into it. The strainer was old and needed to be placed but then I noticed that the metal pipe coming from the wall was cracked and leaking water too. I was not able to loosen the pipe from the threads on the wall. I broke off the pipe from the threads because it was broken and eaten away at the bottom. I am trying to figure out what my next step is or if there are any ideas on how to remove the threaded piece which is hooked up to the cast iron drain pipe in the wall.

Any help will be appreciated.

Link to pictures.

Thank you

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Use some break-free or other thread release agent on the fitting threads and remove the nut like fitting that goes into the pipe. Then you can replace it with a pvc fitting and use pvc drain components.
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I believe what you have is a brass adapter screwed into a steel fitting.This means the plumbing is old and has galvanized steel drains.that combined with the mixed metal issue means this will be very tough to get out.

Even if you do you may have damaged threads plus you need to determine if the steel pipe and fittings are in good enough shape to attach to.Steel will fill with rust internally causing backups etc until it fails.

Frankly depending on your experience you may be past a DIY situation.I suspect you will at least have to go back beyond that fitting in order to have a workable attaching point.
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You have a bushing in a irom pipe. The way to get that out is to cut slots in it that don't hit the threads of the pipe it's connected to.

You can use a hack-saw blade and cut on the pull stroke or a Sawzall to cut slots close together in the bushing, maybe three, then tap near the cuts toward the center, this will cause it to collapse into the pipe, when it becomes loose enough you can pull it out, make sure that you don't drop anything into the pipe. Luck.
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Thank you for all your responses. I have already tried to spray break release spray and that didn't work. I think what shacko recommended sounds like it will work. I will try that and see if it breaks loose. If not then I can always take the advise that spdavid recommended and but back into the wall and have it replaced.

I will update everyone on my solution.

Thank you
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Thank you all for your suggestions again. I was able to cut the bushing and tap it out with a hammer. The drain is not fixed.

Thank you

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