Cannot Remove Shower Faucet Stem


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Cannot Remove Shower Faucet Stem

I am trying to replace a shower faucet stem due to the end of the stem being rounded and the handle/knob no longer gripping it. I can't unscrew the hex nut that is holding the stem in place (picture linked below), even with a plumber's socket. The socket isn't a perfect fit, so it's starting to round out the hex nut. (The sizes below and above do not fit.) Also, since taking the picture below, I've chipped away much of the grout surrounding the nut. Any advice? WD-40? Vice grips? Heat? Thanks!


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Unless you have already removed it, that is the packing nut that shows in the picture and there is another, larger nut behind it that you need to remove to get the stem out.

If a plumber's socket won't fit, use channel locks or vise grips.
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It looks like you have removed the packing nut, but need to turn the main body as you mentioned.
First, the stem must not be "closed" . Open it at least a couple of turns.
Second, those stems are odd sizes, like 31/32 or 29/32 etc. If a shower valve socket doesn't work, then try channelllocks

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