Re-installing a P-trap behind a pedestal sink?


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Re-installing a P-trap behind a pedestal sink?

Hi Guys, I had to remove the trap from my bathroom sink a couple weeks ago to recover a piece of jewelry, and have had a very difficult time reinstalling the p-trap. The main problem is that pedestal almost entirely blocks access to the trap.

The pipes are so close to the pedestal, that I have to bend my wrists at an awkward angle and can just barely touch the plumbing with my finger tips. And to make matters worse, some of the parts bump against the structure, making it impossible to tighten all the way.

The sink is bolted and glued to the wall and the pedestal is glued to the floor. I'm really hoping that I won't have to unbolt the sink and tear it from the wall and tear the pedestal from the floor just to be able to install and tighten up the P-trap.

All of the tutorials I have found online regarding pedestal sink installation are very vague when it comes to the P-trap installation. Can anyone tell me how to go about re-securing the P-trap, preferably without having to tear out the entire sink?

Attached are the photos of this dreaded sink:
Flickr: foodcubes' Photostream
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I assume your big problem is tightening the nut directly under the sink.

I would try removing the P trap and start re-installing from the sink and work my way back to the wall. Fully tightening each connection before moving on to the next. Hopefully it will give you enough room to get your hand in there to tighten the nut right under the sink. If you still can't get to it you might have to use a strap wrench.
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Funny, your p-trap is in backwards. Probably because the sink drain is too high in the wall. Might have to get somebody with skinnier hands to reach that nut...
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Oh man, I was trying to put it together... backwards.

That explains why it was so tedious to get the pieces to fit together. I flipped it around the correct way, and had it fixed in about three minutes. Next time I will get some expert advice here before trying to do these things on my own.
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