water leaking from water supply line on toilet

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I discovered that the waer supply line on my Kohler oblong toilet was leaking. I went and purchased a new supply line (just like what was on there). When I connected it, it is still leaking at the top. It said not to over tighten so I didn't. When it leaked, I even tightened it some more, but that didn't help. What could be the problem? Do I need a washer or something, or that plumber's tape that goes around the pipe before a nut is screwed on? None of this was on there before so I didn't put it on there when replacing the line. The line had to be bent slightly to reach both connection ends, and at the top (where the leak is) the little rubber "head" doesn't go all the way into the supply hole on one side. The valve where you turn the water on, and the supply hole on the bottom of the toilet are not directly above and below each other. The valve is to the left of the supply hole, that's why to hose has to be bent slightly so that it can reach over there. Because the hose is angled, the top of the hose where the head is, doesn't go straight up into the tank supply hole. But I thought when I screwed it in at the top, that would bring the hose on up into the hole for a good fit. That is where the water is leaking from. What do I do now? I hope this makes sense.

We've only been in this house a year, so I don't know when the toilet was bought, but the manufacturing date is 12/19/90. What is the life expectancy of a toilet?
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Not sure if I totally understand, but it sounds like the fact that the nut that screw onto the toilet it self is not square with the toilet hook up is your problem. Are you using a rigid supply line? If so, you can buy flexible supply lines that look like braided steel. These are availible in a variety of lengths and the fact that they are flexible helps in the fact that your toilet hookup and the water line on the floor aren't directly lined up. Also, it wouldn't hurt to wrap 3 or so wraps of teflon tape ( availible at any hardware store) around all male ends. Make sure you wrap them the same way that the nut will be threaded onto the male. Then tighten them up. If it still leakes, try tightening slowly and seeing if the leak stops. If not, you probably have stripped threads caused by tightening the supply line on when it was not threaded squarely. Hope this helps.
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Hi Do-Girl, The leak you have may not be at connection of the supply line and the toilet valve.Check the nut on the bottom of the tank were toilet valve comes through it may be loose and leaking from the tank. That will act just like a connection leak. Good Luck Woodbutcher

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