can anyone offer advice


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can anyone offer advice

our piping from our washer broke or was not hooked up, so washing h20 & kichen sink h20 is draining into back yard, our septic drain line is higher than the pipes for washer. ?how do we connect? and if we connect w/slope will toilet h20 drain back into washer & kitchen sinl?
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I'm no plumber, but I can say that I've been in many houses where the washing machine was lower than the waste-line. Usually, the washing machine waste water is expelled at a height of around 4 feet or more. I think that otherwise (like at floor-level), the water would siphon right out of the machine.

In my previous home, the washing machine was in the basement and the waste line was close to 6 feet high. I built a platform on top of 2x10s to put the machines on because the basement was subject to 3 inches of flooding (about every 10 years or so whenever the groundwater level rose up high enough). The added benefit was that raising the machines made the waste inlet only about 5 feet high in relation to the washing machine.

The supply water piping can be any height, but the wastewater inlet connection to the septic line from the washer hose must be as high or higher than the main waste line. Same goes for your sink drains. If not, then you would need an "Up-Pump" to pump the waste-water up to the level of the main waste line. Waste-water is often gravity operated, and not pressurized unless it is pumped up to the level of the waste line. The washing machine will pump it's waste water up to a certain height on it's own, but other waste-water from sinks and drains that are lower than the waste line will need the pump. Your main waste line is gravity-fed.

I'm sure that the real experts on here will be able to help you much more than I can, but I wanted to try to get you pointed in the right direction until then. Again, I'm no plumber, jus' tryin' to be helpful. . .

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