Sound of running water


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Sound of running water

I am in the homebuying process. In the house I am looking at, the sound of running water is notably loud from the pipes. I noticed this during the inspection since they dewinterized the house for the inspection. The inspector did not comment on the noise, and I am not overly concerned about it from a hazard or defect perspective. It could be rather annoying in the long term though.

The house is on city water and a septic tank. The sound can be heard when the water is running. I am not sure if it is the draining I am hearing or the running water.

What could cause this? Can it be dampened? Should I be concerned?
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Newer house? PVC drains in newer construction are quite a bit louder than the old iron ones
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There is sound dampening material that can be wrapped around the pipes that will materially reduce the sound. My guess is that you will get use to it though, just like when you live near a train.
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>>>the sound of running water is notably loud from the pipes.<<<

Does that mean that when you are using the fixtures you get a loud noise from the pipes?, or does it mean that you are getting sound when the fixtures are not being used?.

What kind of pipe are we talking about?, a little more info.
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It's possible there was still air in the pipes from winterizing. Once the air is fully purged (could take a while), it'll get quieter.
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Updated info

Thanks for the responses.

The house was built in 1978 and I do not know what material the drain pipes are.

The noise occurs while using a fixture, but I did not think to stopper the drain and see if it was the drain or the supply I was hearing.

I suspect the noise will lessen after all the air has been bled from the system, and I get used to it. If it continues to bother me I will look at sound deadening material.

From the responses here and additional research I am not concerned about this problem and will address it (along with plenty of others i'm sure) as a new homeowner next month.

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