Smelly house


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Smelly house

This all started when we started noticing a bad odor in our house. It seemed to be coming from the heating unit. We called the heating company we deal with and they said sounds like you have a dead animal in your ducts. Have to wait it out. Smell got worse, and nmore of a sewer smell, not a dead animal smell. So my husband went under the house, found a large amount of water under the heating unit. We called them, they finally agreed to come out thinking it was probably the condensation drain was plugged. Upon nvestigation, they found a broken drain pipe under the kitchen. It was the greywater pipe and all the water from the sink and laundry was draining onto the ground. So then we had to get a plumber out here to fix that. All in all we have spent $600 and still have the odor. It's coming from the standing water, but everyone keeps telling us we just have to wait until it warms up and the water will evaporate. Since this is january in oregon, it's going to be another 5-6 months. Help!!! What can we do to remove that water now? It's moldey and gross.
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I would use a garden sprayer to spray a gallon of bleach into that puddle of water to kill all the bacteria and germs in it. It's not the water itself that's smelling, it's all the bacteria growing on the rotting organic matter that's causing the smell.

As long as you have a food supply in a puddle of water, you're going to have a smell coming from that water from the bacterial growth. The bleach will kill those bacteria, thereby eliminating the cause of the smell.
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How much standing water are we talking about? I don't know how cold it is there. It doesn't sound like a very fun project in January. I would dig a hole about 2 feet around and a foot deep in the deepest section of the water, put a piece of slate in the bottom and then buy a small pump that attaches to a garden hose and pump the water out. If the smell persists after a week I would put a couple inches of sand or dirt on top of it.

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