sand in faucet


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sand in faucet

Hi all. Recently in the past couple of months we keep getting sand in our kitchen faucet, it only happens after running the faucet on full hot for several seconds.
Our house was built in 1987, all plumbing is copper, under the concrete. We dont have this problem anywhere else in the house.
It's not alot of sand but it doesnt take much to plug up the little screens in the faucet. I stumped on this one!
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Check the anode in your hot water heater. I have a feeling it needs replacing. I don't think it is sand, its corrosion from inside the heater.
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See if you have a slab leak. 2 ways

1. Put a pressure gauge on a outside faucet and turn off the main. Does the pressure drop? May take several minutes.
2. Make sure all water is off to the house and watch the water meter. Is it spinning?

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Funny enough, the problem started the day after I replaced the 2.5 gallon heater that I keep under the kitchen sink, I hated waiting for hot water all the from the garage.
I cant see how that would be a problem but it sure is a strange coincidence.
I will check the anode rod in the main water heater, I have recently flushed it out and it is only 2 years old. By the way, where is the anode rod located?

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