choosing fittings for potable water?


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choosing fittings for potable water?

hi folks

Im pretty much confused on how you know whether a brass or copper plumbing fitting can be used for potable water. I thought that any copper union could be used for potable water? But I just looked at a web site that I hadnt looked at for a while and noticed that they have one inch copper unions that they say are NOT for potable water. Does that mean that there must be lead in the fitting that exceeds recommended values?

Are fittings supposed to have some kind of markings on them so you know whether you can use them for potable water? For example, I know my black poly pipe has PW stamped on it and some pipes have a NSF marking to indicate they can be used for drinking water. But I dont see anything like that for brass/copper fittings?

I have two Webstone 3/4 brass ball valves that have a raised stamp on the metal: 600 WOG and 5psi (I guess 5 psi is for gas?). They also have 150 WSP-600 WOG marked on the handle. But does any of that mean they can be used for potable water? I figured theyd be OK for potable water but now Im not sure.

Also I used a 1 inch brass barb fitting (MIP x barb) that I got at my local hardware store that carries good quality items, and used that fitting on the one inch poly pipe coming from my well. Looked like real nice heavy brass. Only stamps on it were 100 and MM. (I have a 90 brass barb fitting from the same store marked RBDE 100 MM Taiwan). How in the world are you supposed to choose fittings for potable water?

Any information would be greatly appreciated!
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Basically as long as it follows one of these codes and the inspector is following the same one...LOL

Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC), National Standard Plumbing Code (NSPC), National Plumbing Code (NPC), International Plumbing Code (IPC) and State Plumbing Code (SPC)

Also comply certain standards or cant be sold.

Example chapter 4 of NSPC (The NSPC is typically followed for all plumbing in the US)

Mike NJ
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Thanks Mike. gotcha!!!

I love standards there are so many to choose from (haha).

Makes sense. That NSPC is really big!!

I think the point you make about comply and selling says a lot.

Thanks again.

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