Kitchen Floor Leaks Water

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Kitchen Floor Leaks Water


I am not a DIYer and my 83-year-old father is no longer able to solve problems around the house as well as he could previously, so I am coming here for some help with a leak that is causing my kitchen floor to become extremely damp.

Although the water is pooling up beneath the faux wood panels all around the kitchen sink, it is not apparent that there is a leak from the faucet or beneath the cabinets where the sink is located. We also have a dishwasher nearby, but the floor is dry there. The water heater is located in the pantry several feet away, but also does not appear to be a problem. We initially suspected that rain was seeping in from outside, but the concrete pad that the house is built on is several inches above ground. The water has been accumulating for several weeks now and makes it difficult to walk into the kitchen area.

What are some possible causes of this problem and how do I go about fixing it? My next step will be calling a plumber, which we really can't afford at the moment. Thanks.
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No way to tell for sure without being there. Years ago it was common to use copper or iron pipes in the slab, at some point they all start leaking and the house needs to be replumbed.
Could be as simple as the rubber seal on the roof vent for the sewer gasses has gone bad. A $5.00 10 min fix if you can find the new rubber rain caps they just came out with. It's just a rubber ring that slides right down over the pipe and covers up the old worn out seal.
I once had a Quest shut off valve under the sink get a pin hole in it and it blew water againt the back of the cabinet and it ran down under the cabinet and took out the whole sub floor.
If there's a lot of rain and there's a hgh water table, water can come up through the slab.
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What you can do if you are on city water is turn aff all water to the home. Make sure there is nothing running at all. Then go to the water meter and see if its spinning. It may spin very slow. If its spinning with all water off, it most likly a slab leak.

Do that check and let us know.

Mike NJ

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