Frig water supply line

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Frig water supply line

We bought a new frig with a water dispenser and ice. The guy at Sears said to get a saddle valve kit from a plumbing supply store and do it my self. I'm a little wary on using a saddle valve
any suggestions???
Should I just get my plumber to do it for $100
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I think when the pro plumbers finish their coffee, they will tell you to have a proper valve installed. The saddle valves are not the most reliable pieces of hardware.
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It has been posted by the pros here that saddle valves invalidates the warranty on ice makers. Often though it is a simple DIY job to install a proper (full flow) valve. Is your refrigerator next to a cabinet that is contiguous to a sink?

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Many (all?) refrigerator manufacturers will void the warranty on the ice maker and water dispenser if saddle valves are used...not enough flow through the tiny hole. Most places that deliver and install (HD, Lowes, Best Buy, etc) will not install unless a full flow fitting is used.

You can either replace the valve under the sink with one that has an extra port for an icemaker line...or use a Tee like this.. - Quick tee adapters for ice makers, dishwashers, water filters and various other water supply lines
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Just a Note.

All advice you recieved so far is correct. I think a issue that may be ongoing is the instruction manual that comes with the refridge. Most new fridges still show a saddle valve in the instructions. Why they dont update them is beyond me.

If a saddle valve is used the seloniods burn out from my understanding. It does not happen right away but it does occur. Saddle valves, in my area at least, are not to code.

Gunguy shows a good alternative. Follow that advice if you dont want to solder a seperate valve in place.

Mike NJ
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The ironic thing is, almost all kits to connect an icemaker come with a saddle valve! Also, stay away from using plastic line kits to feed an icemaker. I have never seen one last more than 5 years before they start leaking and then crumble in your hands.
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I can also say from personal experience that saddle valves don't work properly for a frig water supply. When we moved into our house the fridge was hooked up with a saddle valve and the result was ice cubes that were hollow on the inside and very low water flow. I thought for years that something was wrong with the fridge. When I was remodeling my basement I decided to replace the saddle valve with a propper full flow connection just because I needed to move it anyway. As soon as I hooked the fridge up to the full flow connection it worked beautifully and has done ever since! The previous home owners (who paid for the fridge) must never have had it working properly.

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