How to seal leaking pipe threads


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How to seal leaking pipe threads

Any advice on sealing leaking pipe threads? I am connecting a threaded PVC pipe to my well pump (cast iron threads). New pump and new PVC pipe. Used Teflon tape and tried two different PVC pieces and the threads keep leaking. Any advice on sealing this? Thanks
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Welcome to our forums!

Are these threaded pipes manufactured or did you or someone else thread them?
I have never seen threaded PVC.

This connection is normally made with a pipe thread to PVC adapter.
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It is a 1" 1/4" inch male PVC end to a female thread on the cast iron well pump housing. It is a PVC connector. Male on one end and glued connection on the other end. Thanks
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Use a paste-type, non-hardening pipe joint compound formulated for PVC plastic. They have some with Teflon but it isn't absolutely necessary. Be certain to read the container and make sure it is compatible with the PVC AND with potable water.
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Furd is correct. Use pipe dope.

Start with clean threads, wrap teflon tape around about 8-10 times. Start at the end of the threads and wrap your way up the threads, then back down the threads. For 1 1/4 should be 8-10 turns.

Make sure you wrap in the correct directions. With the piece in your left hand, and threaded end pointing right, wrap clockwise.

Then apply teflon paste generously over the taped threads.

Wipe the joint after you install. Dont go to town on the pvc while turning it in also. They thread in very easily.

Mike NJ
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Thanks I will give it a try!
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Done many of these and teflon tape and pipe dope is the only way I could get them to seal. Of course they are more apt to leak when you have to crawl 30 feet in a 1 foot high crawl space. LOL
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Thanks lawrosa

I made up my own method of using teflon and dope for threaded brass fittings several yrs ago after problems with the China manufactured stuff. I always wondered if it was really ok and it sounds like it is. I have never had a problem reported back.

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