cleanout woes


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cleanout woes


Our water district has issued a legal requirement that every home must have a safety device on the exterior cleanout (either a Sewer Popper or a thing that looks like a mushroom-shaped dome inverted over a movable ball, which I don't like at all). The Sewer Popper device is threaded for either 3 or 4 inch pipes. Our pipe is 3.5 inches. Is there a way to adapt something threaded 3 inches up to make it fit 3 1/2 inches, like some sort of coupling? Thanks.
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That doesn't sound right. Are you sure that's not every new home? I don't see how it can be retroactive. If it is, check with a local plumbing supply. If nothing is available, the only way I see is to cut out a piece of the pipe & insert a PVC section with the correct size.
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The popper may not be required but I sure like the idea especially if I was not the highest house in the area. Without it if the city sewer clogs it backs up into your house. Gurgling up out of your toilets, sinks... Calling it an extreme mess is being polite. With the popper installed it opens and gives the sewage a path of lesser resistance (your lawn) hopefully saving your house.

I never really thought about what happened when a city sewer got clogged until 15+ years ago when someone dumped something naughty down their drain and clogged the main. Sewage got into several dozen houses at the bottom of the hill. Luckily I lived at the top of the hill.

If you don't install one, make sure your insurance premium is paid up.

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