Questions about drains


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Questions about drains

Have a couple of questions about drains....

1. Our (basement) furnace/AC has PCV drain pipe that goes to a floor drain. I always thought that the drain emptied into the sanitary water return system. Find out that the water simply empties into the sub-pump basin about 4 feet away. Is this code?

2. Also in the basement, right next to the rubber intake hose for city water is what appears another drain hole. This one however, is simply a 2" PVC pipe flush with the floor (no floor cap). What is the function for this drain? Also, I poured 2 gallons of water down it today to test if this water also simply drained into the sub-pump basin--and it does NOT! So, I guess the water goes somewhere? Any ideas?

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1. It is actually against most modern codes for storm water and floor drains to lead to a sanitary sewer.

2. The pipe could be anything. With older houses it can be very difficult to tell. Can you post a pictue? It could be a conduit to pass a water line through or it could be some type of drain tied to the sewer.
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What do you mean by "rubber intake hose for city water"?

You need to find out where that drain goes. If it is connected to the sewer, it needs to be capped so sewer gas isn't allowed to come into the house.
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Guess I don't know correct term but, it's the pipe that comes out of the floor bringing city water to the house. The drain hole is located on the floor right next to it. On first impression, it looks like it was put there in case there was a leak in the valve or one of the pipes. I know it's a drain, but I just don't know where the water goes!

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hi bilin and guys –

I have 4 drains like the drain in this picture labeled “rainwater”. (I guess what I really should have labeled it was “ground water”). They connect to an underground piping system which empties out on a hill about 100 feet from my house. In other words the open end of the pvc pipe drains out on the hill.

One of those floor drains (not the one in the picture) is in a corner that happens to be where the service pipe (the pipe bringing in water to the house) comes into the basement. I believe these drains are there to drain ground water out of your basement that might seep in during a storm. I can put water down 2 of the 4 and I can see it come out of the pvc pipe on the hill. The other 2 don’t empty out on the hill when you put water down them so I don’t know what’s going on there? But I heard it isn’t uncommon for these underground systems to block or fail after years (my house was built 1967). So I’m guessing for the 2 that don’t empty out on the hill maybe the water is just emptying out somewhere along the pipe where it is broken.

Anyway, I was thinking that maybe the pipe you are seeing is connected to an underground drain system for ground water entering your basement. Have you looked very carefully around your property for a pipe emptying out to daylight? It’s easy to miss mine. It still takes me a little time to find it. Only the very end is exposed.

Good luck!

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