Leaking Bathroom sink drain after replacement

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Leaking Bathroom sink drain after replacement

I replaced a bathroom sink drain because the stopper didn't work - I went to local hardware store got the complete drain system but it's leaking. I first used silicone because the guy from the store told me to use it but after leaking I decided to buy the plumbers putty instead. I put alot of putty around the opening hooked up everything back again and is still leaking. Don't know what else to do since I even squeezed some putty above the washer to see if it would compress and seal it but no dice. What am I doing wrong?
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Where is the new drain leaking?
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The putty goes aroung the strainer on the sink side.

I never use silicone.

I use teflon paste on the underside threads and rubber washer.

Never leaks.

You may have installed incorrectly. Need more info.

Putty around the flange.
Teflon paste around the gasket and the threads the nut screws too.
Teflon tape around the tailpiece. Two turns at most.
Make sure the rod is installed correctly with the washers in the correct direction.

Mike NJ
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If you put the silicone on first, and it dried in place and wasn't removed properly before using the plumber's putty then you still won't get a good seal.

Remove everything, clean THOROUGHLY, and then reinstall applying the putty per manufacturer's instructions.
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hi iorg Ė

Originally Posted by iorg777 View Post
I replaced a bathroom sink drain because the stopper didn't work
Did the same thing for the same reason last year. I remember I had some kind of drips at first. As mentioned in a previous post I think you should really make sure where the leak really is coming from. Could it be coming a little farther down at where the tailpiece screws in? But maybe you have already clearly isolated the location?

I think I was going off on a tangent until I wiped everything really really dry with a rag and then watched carefully and kept touching until I located the leak. Iím just mentioning that in case you havenít already done that.

Is there any way you are not tightening the nut enough because you are afraid of cracking the sink? (I think I did that? probably Öbecause I made every mistake possible. LOL) I think I had a leak at every place Mike points out in the previous post.

I just looked under my bathroom sink to see if anything rings a bell. I hope Iím not mixing this up with some other job, but I have some recollection of tightening something up with the washer being slightly off center and that causing a drip. Doesnít seem possible with the washer for the flange under the sink though? But I do remember that happening. Whoops Ė maybe Iím thinking of the toilet tank connection to the bowl? OK, Iíll shut up.

Mike is an expert so thatís the right advice.

Good luck!

just saw chaeberleís post. thatís very interesting. I wouldnít have though of that.

Good luck again!

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