Help, What am I missing in my laundry hookup (gas dryer, washer line)??


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Help, What am I missing in my laundry hookup (gas dryer, washer line)??

Hi all,
New to this forum so would appreciate everyone's help on some issues I'm having with moving into my new rental place.
My landlord mentioned that there was a gas leak with the valve to the dryer which the previous home owner removed, I'm assuming it's a gas shutoff? I've attached a picture of what's left...would appreciate recommendations on what if any valves need to be added. She said it would cost like 50 bucks, not sure if this is my responsibility or not but would be great to get some feedback on how to handle this.
Additionally, would like to know if I'm missing anything from the washer hookup and drain too. If I can get some input that would be great to figure out if I can do anything myself.
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Usman, you expect us old blind dudes to be able to see them little bitty pictures? You need to upload something bigger and better lit for us to see...

The washer drain hose goes into that hole on the right.

I have no idea what or where this is...

From what I can see in this pic, it appears that the gas line has been CAPPED. Yes, it seems the valve has been removed.

I don't think you should have to pay to have this fixed. And you say that it's LEAKING? NOW? STILL? If so, then GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!

So it would cost $50 bucks, it's HER house, isn't it? Will you be allowed to take YOUR gas valve with you when you leave?

Make sure she shows you the 'Certificate of Occupancy' before you sign the deal.
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Its a rental. Should be thier responsiblity.

Pic 1 yes hot and cold hoses got to that brass looking thing with the handle. The washer hose drops in that hole next to it.

pic 2. Looks like the dryer vent gets hooked up there. But as Trooper stated we old folk (meaning Trooper) cant see well.....LOL

pic 3 . Yep, thats a capped gas line alright. Needs a valve... Ask landlord..

Mike NJ
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One more vote. The landlord should provide you working connections, they should have a plumber come in and attach and test a gas valve.

Sure the valve is only $10 and should be easy to install, but do you really want to be the one responsible if there is a leak and fire/explosion? Let a pro do the install, and let the landlord pay for it.

Maybe you can offer to hire/coordinate the plumber and have her pay the bill? Good teamwork?
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Absolutely the responsibility of the landlord. Safety is priority concern. This should NOT be your expense.
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To NJ Trooper, lawrosa, Zorfdt, and DaleC, thanks for your advice! It was really helpful ( sorry for the resolution of the pics btw). Haven't rented a house from a homeowner in a long time, and although its a great house, there's a couple of issues like this I had no clue about so you guys gave some good guidance for going forward.
Talked to my landlord, apparently the previous owner told her that the gas company could come out and install the shutoff valve for $35, to which the gas company(SoCal Gas btw) gave a big 'Huh??'. They said they capped the line, but that they don't install valves and consider that the responsibility of the homeowner.
Thanks again for your help! Hope this thread can help others too.

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