Toilet keeps refilling

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My toilet tank is loosing water at a slow rate and keeps refilling itself about every 10 minutes. I have replaced the tank stopper. What do you think is leaking?
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I am assuming by "tank stopper" you mean the flapper valve that closes after you flush. If so, does it have "ears" or does it slide over the overflow pipe? You need to check it, to make sure it is sealing correctly, i.e. it is flat with the rubber seal it sets in. This is easier to do, if you shut the water off and flush the toilet. Also, check the rubber seat that flapper valve sets in, and make sure it is not cracked or has scale, etc. preventing a good seal.

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Thanks for your response, Rick.

The tank stopper I replaced does have "ears". It seems to be seated okay. I am now looking for cracks as you suggested.

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Chances of it being a crack aren't all that great. More than likely it is just build-up of sediment on the flush valve, where the flapper seats. Wipe that off with a clean rag. Might even need to clean the seat with some steel wool, like an SOS pad.
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Make sure the tube that runs from the fill valve, to the overflow tube, in the tank, is not below the full water level in the tank, this can cause a siphon action to take place, this causing the fill valve to turn on and off.


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