Basement "Up Flush" Toilet system.


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Basement "Up Flush" Toilet system.


My situation is as follow's:

I have a brand new walk out basement bathroom & kitchen being roughed in. The bathroom is 9x5'. There is a vanity sink, shower/tub & horizontal flush toilet system that will utilize this system. There is also a kitchen sink that will also use it. The kitchen sink is about 10' away & parallel to the up-flush system. That sink will have a drain & vent that travels about 20' and "T's" off with the shower/tub drain & vent pipe prior to entering the side auxiliary outlet in the unit & the vertical vent of the up-flush itself.

My question is regarding the horizontal 3" stack directly above the up-flush which is mounted on the overhead joists.

The up-flush consists of a 3" vertical waste and 2" vertical vent that comes out of the unit "behind" the wall on the same floor level, it's connected horizontally to the specially made toilet from the back of the wet wall. It's meant to connect from the underneath.

How & where exactly should these 3" waste & 2" vent be connected given what I have to work with? Angled 45's are obvious, but at what level in relation to the stack itself?

And is it safe to include both on the 3" stack but at different elevations?

I have a plumber doing the final connections, but I'd like to have this knowledge on hand prior to the installation day (it's a young licensed plumber without much up-flush experience).

My other question is regarding the PVC itself. The wet wall is 2x4, not 2x6. The backside will be exposed within the washroom. Would it be fine to connect the 2" PVC to the face of the stud's rather than boring holes? It would be in a protected non traveled area?

Thanks in advance!
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What is the make and model of the up flush system you have. Although they are plumbed similar, there are variations among different brands.

This sounds like a high use bath and kitchen???

Cant say it will work well for you, but hope it does. My experiences say those systems are good for a half bath where its only use is beer night with the boys..

I would have absolutely recommended a in floor ejector system with the properly sized maserator pump.

Mike NJ

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