Sweating Pipes and Toilet Tank ??


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I have just recently installed a humidifier on my furnace and was wondering if this would cause my cold water pipes to sweat. As well, the toilet tank seems to be sweating and is dripping on the floor. I know it looks obvious but I just want to be sure. Maybe the humidifier is set to high or something. I am new commer at this type of thing. Thanks for any help I may recieve. Wildweb
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Sweating pipes are hard to deal with, but the tank is not, install a tank liner found at Home Depot, to keep the tank from sweating.
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The short answer to your question is "yes" - the humidifier will cause the sweating problem. Cold water pipes and toilet tanks sweat for the same reason a cold glass of iced tea does -- moisture from the warm air in your home condenses on the cold surfaces of the pipes and toilet tanks. The tank liner that Plumber 2000 refers to insulates the toilet tank, preventing the water inside from cooling the porcelain -- it's kind of like putting a styrofoam picnic cooler in your toilet. No cool porcelain, no sweating.

Insulating the water pipes with foam pipe insulation tubing will keep them from sweating, too. If the warm air can't come in contact with the cold pipes, then there will be no sweating. This is easy to do if the pipes are exposed -- the insulation is split down its length and just slips over the pipes.

Turning down the humidifier will also help - less moisture in the air means less sweating.

Good luck!

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