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I have a dual handle control bathtub faucet that leaks. At first, I thought it didnt really leak all that much, but when I put a bucket under it, I can see that it is leaking about a gallon every two hours. The water is leaking from the faucet, not the shower head. I have no ide what brand it is. I am somewhat handy around the house (I have replaced garbage disposals, kitchen sinks, etc.) but I have never dealt with bathtub faucets. I am not sure how to remove the handles or how to fix the leak. Any tips? Also,when am taking a shower, only about 85% of the water is coming through the shower head. The other 15% is coming out of the faucet. How can I get 100% of the water to come through the shower head (like it used to do a month ago)?
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See the previous post on this same problem at


This will fix your dripping faucet.

As to getting all of the water back through the shower, if you have a tub spout with the diverter on the spout, you need to replace it. There is usually a set screw on the bottom of the spout that you need to loosen, and then it will just pull off. You can buy a replacement for about $6.00


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