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I recently attempted to change the shower valves in my shower but found out that I would have to change the entire valve body because the new stems don't fit the old body. I'm still in the process of changing it over as it requires some tile work. In the meantime, since I've turned the water back on, there is no more hot water running to any of the faucets. The water heater seems to be running fine, kicking in when you leave the hot water running but the water that comes out is lukewarm. Also, when I turn on the hot water, I can feel the water running out of the top of the water heater. Could the fact that I left the cold water valve and diverter valve partially sealed affect the hot water running to all the other faucets?
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I don't know what your talking about,

"I left the cold water valve and diverter valve partially sealed"

If there is a way for the cold water to enter into the hot water system, this will affect the hot water supply.

Example, I installed this shower valve once, shower riser pipe in place and caped off for the finish walls to be installed.

Now cause I did not want a sheetrock screw to find it'self into my riser pipe, I laft the valve in the on position, this was a wrong move, when I returned the set finish, the owner said he called another plumber cuase he was getting luckwarm water all the time. Turns out it was cause the valve was left on.

So as you can see if cold has away into the hot pipe system then it will effect the hot water.
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Sounds like you effectivly created a cross-over valve at the old tub/shower valve. Turn off the water, remove the old valve and cap the hot and cold lines to it. All should be cured. When you install the new valve, you only have to remove the caps to do it.
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That answered my question. I had left the cold water valve open so it was mixing with the hot water. It works now. Thanks.
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Oh, did I forget to mention that a plumber came out and has a new water heater ordered (under warranty)?

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