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Every time the toilet is flushed, both faucets in the bathroom sink flow hot water. There is one pipe for the hot and one for the cold water. There is also a pipe that connects both pipes beneath the sink. Should that crossover pipe be there? If so, should there be some kind of scald unit along with that? It appears that the cold water pipe feeds the toilet, the sink and then the tub. The hot water pipe feeds the tub then the sink.
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A pipe connecting your hot and cold supply lines together under the sink? That connection should not be there.
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Could the connecting pipe been installed to cool down the hot water?
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Old Guy is right (as usual), the connection between the hot and cold should not be there, regardless of what the person was thinking at the time it was installed.
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The only reason that I can possibly think of that someone would mistakenly plumb the crossover line that way would be to try to keep the toilet tank from sweating.
DUH! Should have used a mixing valve made for the purpose or tank insulation, or it will create the exact problem that you have.
Remove that crossover line, and it should solve it.
Good Luck!

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