rusty shower head stem pipe


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i am planning to replace the stem pipe pipe that holds the shower head.please help me how to to do this.also i am afraid that the water will leak inside the wall/tile by doing
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No it won't, if you do this.
A. Use pipe wrench on old pipe as close to wall as you can without scratching wall, and turn it out counter-clockwise. You may need a little extra force to get it started, or it may come right out.
B. Wrap 2-3 flat turns of teflon tape around threads CLOCKWISE ONLY on both ends of the new pipe.
C. Hand screw pipe into wall fitting until snug, and then cover pipe with wash cloth or sponge to prevent marring it, and tighten it into wall fitting until tight and where you want it. Turn water on to flush out new pipe.
D. Screw showerhead onto new pipe and snug it up with a crescent wrench.
Good Luck!
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When I install a new shower arm, what I do it get it tight, is stick one of the ends, of the channel locks handle into the opening of the shower arm, then then spin it tight, no cloth, no marring, no scratches.

Simple eh?
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Ron, I'm always learning.
I tell someone how to do it way, and then a pro can tell us one better. Sounds like a good one to me.
Try THAT way ahlecks.

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