Help with misaligned plumbing vent in basement


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Help with misaligned plumbing vent in basement

Iím in the middle of trying to finish our basement and ran into a problem of a roughed in plumbing vent being out of alignment with the wall that it supposed to contain it. Iíve attached a diagram of my floor plan for reference.
My basement has a poured concrete floor and the rough bath tub, toilet, and sink drain are complete. I am currently framing the interior wall on the right with the pocket door that separates the bedroom from the bathroom and eventually meets the existing wall at the bottom of the diagram. There are some load bearing posts that are already in place (these are also shown on the floor plan)

I have two existing plumbing vents marked on the diagram in red that were roughed in when the floor was poured. The one nearest the sink is out of alignment by about an inch and a half so that approximately half of it would be sticking out of the wall as Iíve shown. They currently stick up about 2í out of the concrete. This 2x6 wall hasnít been framed yet, so Iím trying to figure out what to do to adjust.

Iíve thought about shifting the wall Iím working on (the opposite wall) to the right to compensate, which would shift the entire bathroom to the right. The issue there is that right now is that my wall is perfectly aligned with the existing wall at the bottom and the doorway that makes the hallway. If I shift to the right, Iím going to have this weird 2Ē space that the opposite side of the hallway wonít have since those two load bearing posts are already in place and lined up perfectly with the existing doorway. I canít shift the doorway because thereís a load bearing header over it. Plus I could run into problems with the main HVAC duct in the ceiling if I try to shift the wall to the right.

The other option I thought about is to have the plumber cut off the misaligned vent closer to the floor and add a 45 degree elbow to send it into the wall and add another one to send it up again. I would have a small bump out at the bottom of the wall that I would frame up and cover with drywall or trim board. The baseboards in my house are made of wide trim board, so it could be that I could blend this into the baseboard and make it not as noticeable.

Are there any potential solutions Iím missing? Any advice or alternative solutions that you experts can think of would be greatly appreciated!
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If you were to do the 45 into the wall, at the top of the wall, would you need to box it out there too? Or would that be in the joist bay above?

If you're really only looking at one small box-out, I would go that way. The one under the tub will be hidden, and the one box next to the sink will be mostly hidden by the toilet anyway.

Another option is that you could chip out a bit of concrete so the 45 is under the floor. You wouldn't have to go all the way down, you could still do the pair of 45's, just sink them mostly below ground. Plus, you'll be adding another 3/4" or so of tile or whatever your floor covering is. It's a bit more work, but doesn't seem too bad...
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