Changing window to counter height and widening it


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Changing window to counter height and widening it

As part of a kitchen remodel, I'm planning (hoping!) to be able to bring my window down to counter height, and also widen it (from 40" to somewhere b/w 52" and 60").

There is a shower right above the kitchen, where the drain I believe is coming through the floor just above the right side of the window, then coming down to the right of the window and then I'm assuming connecting with the kitchen sink drain at some point (since there is only one drain PVC visible from the basement below).

I will not be doing this myself, however I want to understand the process before I decide to do it. The contractor did generally say he can move electrical and plumbing to accommodate a lower/wider window. The window contractor just expects all this to be moved before he re-frames the opening.

What I want to confirm is:

- it is ok to re-route the drain piping from where it is to the right of the wider window (so around 10" to the right), without moving the location of the drain PVC above the current window? So from the existing shower drain PVC, just run further to the right, then vertical along the window frame, then run back to connect to the current kitchen drain?

- similar question for the vent - although I do not actually see this at this point. I have soffits and I can see the drain PVC but not the venting PVC, but I assume it's there somewhere.

I just want peace of mind that there will be no issues doing this (I need to order the window soon and I want to make sure the new window will work!)

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There may or may not be an issue with doing this...

First off, the sink vent is supposed to rise to 42" before it goes horizontally, but most codes/inspectors allow lower horizontal vents when there's an obstruction (medicine cabinet, window, etc), so this part shouldn't be an issue. The alternative would be to move the drain/vent to the side of the window, then just the trap arm (horizontal run) to the sink. Regardless, this is doable.

I would be more concerned with problems with moving the shower drain. The new window will need a decent sized header above it (2x8/2x10), which won't leave much room to have a pipe above it. So whatever piping changes are required would need to be done in the ceiling before coming down into the wall. I'm not sure if you were planning on replacing the ceiling drywall, but you may have to.

All in all, it's doable, but may be a bit more of a project.

Also, be sure the new kitchen vent is separately vented, it can't be wet-vented through the shower drain. Not sure if you'll have a plumber come in and do the work, but that could be an incorrect shortcut a contractor could take.
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Thanks for the reply! I will be having a contractor do the work (moving plumbing and electrical).

Here is a picture of what I see in the soffit. This PVC is just above the rightmost part of the window frame. The existing header would be right behind/left of this. The shower is above.

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So it would be do-able to connect this PVC to PVC which is moved 10" to the right? The PVC could run inside the soffit 10" with a slope down and then connect to the vertical PVC which then slopes back towards the sink and connects up with the existing drain??

Note this PVC and recessed lights will be enclosed within cabinetry soffits (removing drywall soffits and just using nice cabinetry above with crown build-up).


[BTW - the contractor is unavailable for 2 weeks so I'm not able to talk with him.]
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