Odor BENEATH bathroom sink


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Odor BENEATH bathroom sink

There is an odor beneath our downstairs sink. It smells like cabbage and has become very strong. Any help is appreciated. Here is some more information:

    Thanks in advance from a first time homeowner who has a lot to learn
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    Welcome to the forums.

    Smells can be so hard to track down. Yes.....it could be a vent stack issue but even it was you really shouldn't be smelling anything from the sink unless the trap is getting siphoned out.
    And if the trap was empty you would smelll it at the drain and overflow in the basin.

    Since you only smell the odor under the sink that would almost suggest a broken or rotted pipe inside the wall allowing fumes to escape.
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    Is this cabinet made of particle board? Has it EVER gotten wet? My kitchen cabinets have particle board bottoms and the one for the sink has a slightly disagreeable odor. I attribute it to occasionally getting wet down there. No smell in the other cabinets that I have noticed.
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    Thank you for your responses. The cabinet is wood but I don't know if it has gotten wet before. I am familiar with "wet" smells but this is really closer to a sewage or boiled cabbage smell. Ug, I hate cabbage even more now.

    I was hoping that it wouldn't be a pipe, but that is a good possibility based on your observations PJ max. The p trap piping is PVC, but it is connected to what could be metal piping just as it enters the wall (it is a weird looking connection with a black foam around it? it doesn't appear to be leaking fluid but who knows behind the wall). I will ask my husband to do what he can to check the piping. Fortunately the wall behind the sink is in our garage so if we have to cut anything out, it won't be in a high traffic/visible area. Poor guy, he has so much on his plate with this house of ours (don't get me wrong, we are still thrilled to have bought this place). I imagine it will have to wait until after the weekend because of company. Will make sure to check back in and let you know what we find. Hopefully what we learn will help someone else.
    Thanks again.

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