Clogged floor drain


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Clogged floor drain

I have a clogged floor drain in our basement utility room where the washer and dryer are located. The floor drain floods when the washer is in the drain cycle. But, the floor drain doesn't flood when the upstair's water is being used. I purchased a 25 foot snake and placed it down the floor drain but did not get an obstruction. Before I pay out hundreds of dollars to the local plumber, what are my other options?


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Depending upon the age of the house it is possible the floor drain does not connect to the sanitary drainage system at all but empties into a dry well. If this is true it is possible the washing machine drain also is not connected to the sanitary drain system but was "butched in" sometime after the house was built.

The other possibility is that there is a partial clog in the drain line past the point where the washing machine drain connects to the floor drain. This partial clog will allow smaller amounts of water through (for now) but cannot handle the massive dose of a draining washing machine.

A third option is that the line from the line from the washing machine and floor drain is simply too small for the washing machine. Modern washing machines require a two-inch nominal drain pipe to handle the massive flow rate when draining. If this is your case then the use of a laundry tub to intercept the washing machine outflow is usually the easiest solution. The laundry tub would then drain into the existing drain.
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he other possibility is that there is a partial clog in the drain line past the point where the washing machine drain connects to the floor drain.

I would lean towards this senerio. I believe the 25 ft snake is not long enough. The clog most likely is were this line attaches to the stack.

How far is the stack from the floor drain? If further then 25 ft then there you go.

Another possiblity is you are not using the right bit on the snake. Hard to get a big enough bit to go through the floor drain trap.

May be better to remove the washing machine trap and snake through there. may be closer to the stack too. Dont know... I am not there and cant see what you see.
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Drain bladder

I had a similar problem where a snake did not work. I used a drain bladder - attach a hose to the bladder - it swells and plugs it at your end and the water clears the clog. Careful though - first time I tried it blew up - too much pressure too fast. Had to get another one. Let it expand slowly until it expands fully to the pipe then increase pressure a bit. I've used it a couple of times very successfully.

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