Supply piping in apartment: replace or leave as is?


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Supply piping in apartment: replace or leave as is?

Hello -

I had a plumber come and take a look at the piping supplying my fixtures in my NYC apartment.

He told me that the current piping is threaded brass as opposed to soldered copper, which is the standard (supposedly - I have no idea).

Additionally, it is poorly designed with 1/2" pipe supplying all of my fixtures (bath, bathroom sink, toilet, shower, kitchen sink).

What he'd like to do is install a copper 3/4" supply line that will feed each fixture branch, providing better volume and pressure.

I have no issues with water pressure from kitchen sink, bathroom sink/tub/shower but my toilet (which will be replaced) tank fills up VERY very slowly.

Should I go with my plumber's recommendation to replace or leave as is???

Thank you!!!
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Welcome to the forum.
Most or all your fixtures will be 1/2", so going 3/4" to them will not gain you much if anything.

Upping the size of pipe to supply a whole room (bathroom as an example) can help if you notice a major drop when say someone fushes the toilet while the shower is running. Odds are this won't be a huge issue for you and an upgrade should only be considered when issues start showing up.

That being said, I will be doing this type of upgrade a point. I'll be running 3/4" "trunk" from my water treatment gear (on a well) to the different floors of the house. I'm dealing with a big house and soon to be large demands for water as my 3 kids grow up. Not an issue a lot of people will run into.
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I would not touch it if it is indeed brass... Something sounds fishy... The toilet filling slow is probably just the fill valve...

Get a second opinion... but beware...

Sounds like they want ti rip out the brass and replace with plastic... Then scrap the brass and make a huge profit... ( Brass is $2.50 a lb I think.)

NY has some shady plumbers from what I know and I would get a second opinion... or even a third.
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