Gas company can't find street shut-off


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Gas company can't find street shut-off

Had my mark outs done prior to digging for a new septic. Water company found their cap and line right away. Gas company has no clue where the cap is, and based on where the meter is inside the house, I have reason to suspect they marked the line incorrectly also. Is it safe to assume the cap would be close to the street and not right up against the house ?.
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Are you paying someone to do this work??? You should not be responsible at all if they marked it wrong of not... Its the diggers responsibility..And if they marked it and a line is hit then its the mark out companys fault...

Also there is not always a shut off at the curb for gas.... If there is one it could be anywhere... I have seen them in driveways...front lawns...etc... But rarely in NJ I see them at all for each home...
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When was the house built? If the gas company doesn't know, what about the building dept? There has to be plans somewhere.
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I am not paying for the mark outs.

House was built in 1957. I wish I could show you the path the guy marked out. The only explanation is either the gas meter was relocated inside the house long ago, or the crew that brought the line to the house when it was put in was drunk or in a hurry. It starts out at the corner of the driveway, then curves thru the front lawn to about the middle of the house, then it makes a abrupt turn, then it hits the house almost 4 feet away from where the meter is. I can see the line coming inside the house by the meter, and it is coming from the complete opposite direction LOL.

Anyway - the guy put in a work order for another crew to come and find the valve / cap. I don't know what happens if they don't find one ?. Will they dig up my yard to put one in ?. Good news, the line is only 2 feet down.

Also, nearly every house around me has caps on their drive ways or lawns.
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If the gas pipe was installed in 1957 then it most likely is a steel pipe. The locator service uses a short range radio device that has its antenna connected to the gas pipe where visible and then a receiver to follow the signal as it is radiated from the pipe antenna. This receiver is quite accurate and the route marked is almost always withing 12 inches (usually right on top) of the pipe.

For the last several years the gas piping of choice for underground service has been polyethylene plastic. Since the non-metallic pipe cannot act as an antenna they also bury a copper wire next to the pipe for use in tracing/locating the pipe. This is the wire you see coming out of the ground next to a gas meter.

It is quite likely there is no existing curb shut off for the gas, no matter as the gas utility will place one if they deem it necessary.
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