slab leak wondering about installing pex pipe for later use.


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slab leak wondering about installing pex pipe for later use.

I came home last week to find the water dept at my doorstep. Slab leak.

Ok, now $4400 later and 15 feet of slab piping deleted I feel ripped off.

Now the question:

I'm learning about pex pipe, I'm thinking about running lines from one bathroom to the other which will cost me
about $200 for the pipes, hot and cold. This would mean I could immediately bypass some me of the pipes under the slab if I connect the pex. Labor free for running the lines and I could leave them in the walls labeled as to where the other end is.
Would you put a T in the attic? or would every faucet have its own line? Are T's bad? The new tile shower is already in and the new toilet too.
Downstairs I still have wall apart for the vanity and have access to the shower wall bay from the living room side. I suppose I could run a line down to the toilet too. Upstairs remodel just starting so will have easy access to everything.

Is this a good idea to do it now? I'm not getting any younger and can easily do it now, next month not so sure!
Does Pex sitting empty deteoriate?

I'm just starting my study on this and don't even know which diameter pipes to use. I know larger for the bathtub so it won't take a week to fill.


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is there a good diy book on PEX?

I had seen PEX in Maine but didn't know the name. Back there they have two parallel copper pipes about 3 feet long with 25 valves on it for the lines to the fixtures. one line for each faucet. nice if something drips or a line goes bad you still have water in the house.

So I would like to find a DIY book on PEX. the books I have seen don't mention it. Books are too old.

anybody know of a good book?
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Ok, now $4400 later and 15 feet of slab piping deleted I feel ripped off.
What did they actually do?

I would have repiped the whole house in pex for that price. Yes run in the attic and find the wall bay and drill holes there. Rubn the pipe down the wall to the fixtures. Yes Tee in attic.

No freezing issues in your local?
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what did he do?

I will reply in a few days. I have it written but will wait.
thank you for your help.
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I'm watching a lot of videos about PEX, got a lot of questions answered. Reserved a book from the library which has PEX. then I will have more questions. Like--why are the tools for PEX so rediculously expensive?? cannot sell them afterwards, might need them again. Are there cheaper versions? I'll try Harbor Freight, and ebay for second hand.

Thank you. We get 28 degrees for a few hours some years. near the beach in sunny so. california.
What I heard

is freezing expands 15% without breaking, water expands only 9%. <<-- what I'm trying to say is PEX withstands

freezing but I don't know if it damages it.

there is some daylight in the attic. you can see light when in the

attic if you look at the vents. what I heard is 30 days of sunlight significantly deteriorates PEX. Daylight

is bad too--I assume that means reflected light.

First, he determined that all the piping done about 9 years ago by another plumber was bad, that was about 40 feet of copper in flower beds. Since then I had put concrete over
about 10 feet of it. My bad!!!!. I said I wanted proof, said it more tactfully than that but I think he was insulted. he wouldn't put in a stop valve where the end of this 40 feet entered the house. Quoted $1800. so on the day he came to do the work I asked again and when he wouldn't ( I want a stop valve there regardless of any leak, should have done that 9 years ago.),

So I bent over with my pipe cutter(he had not noticed it in my hand) and proceeded to cut the pipe then he did it, I had gotten a stop cap that pushes on and can be reused.
Lo and behold when he checked the meter there was no leak.

then he insisted that the incoming line went directly to the water heater. I said that he didn't know the builder and I'm quite sure they branched out to minimize pipe,
nope he just started jackhammering out concrete and digging up other flower beds.

This builder did the house on the cheap, I'm not familiar with the piping but the furnace ducting is sent to the closest spot in each room, above the doors, even where the door was 3 inches from the furnace. Should have been across the roos so I could get some heat into the rooms. Air coming in the vest gets sucked right back out of the room. never gets warm unless you close the door. I don't like closed doors.

more of the story in a couple days.

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