Toilet bowl woes


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A little detail - I live in a ground floor condo - only one unit above me. I have 2 full baths. The problem is with my toilet - only one of them - the other is fine.

It doesn't seem to flush right where the water leaves the bowl and then there is like a sucking action. It does however clear the waste. Here's the wierd part - flush and the bowl goes to a proper water level - then watch the water level slowly go down to a very low level!
I have plunged - checked the tank levels and flapper action - checked the fill tube - checked the little holes under the rim - and all is well.
If you quickly pour half a bucket of water into the bowl it flushes. I went as far as to remove a small piece of caulk at the base of the toilet to check for a leak - there isn't one.
Also sometimes when no other water is being used in the condo you can see the water in this toilet bowl moving slightly. When the woman upstairs flushes her toilet the water in this toilet bowl moves a little back and forth but not much and not all the time.

If I can't find a leak at floor level and the wall isn't soft them what would cause the water level in this bowl to decrease? Again I do not have any problems with the other toilet or any other drainage problems though I did plunge everything in here just to see if it would make a difference - it didn't.
Yes think these are low flow toilets - made 01/31/1988 and they both are American Standard model Plebe
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Sounds like you have a plugged or partially plugged vent line, which will cause water to be siphoned out of your toilet.

Go outside and look on the roof directly above the bathroom. You should see a pipe about 2" in diameter coming thru the roof. Remove any leaves or debris from the pipe and run a garden hose with a high pressure nozzle down the vent pipe.
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Thank you. I thought of that after reading other posts but if the vent were blocked wouldn't both toilets have a problem?
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Not necessarily. Depending on the code where you live, each toilet probably has its own vent. Unless they manifold in the attic into a much larger vent.

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