House smells like EGGS!!


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House smells like EGGS!!

Hi everyone! My husband and I bought our first house last year. It's a 20yr old house and needs a little work, but for the most part it's in good shape. Starting last year, in the cooler months, I began noticing random whiffs of rotten egg. It would only last 30-45min then disappear. We thought it was the drains, so we cleaned them, and checked p-traps. We thought we figured it out since summer came and the smell disappeared. Now it's cool again and our master bedroom randomly smells like eggs/sewer around 1am-3am. And early mornings right before sun comes up. The living room also smells sometimes. My hubby and I are very clean (OCD clean). So it's not old trash etc. I've searched online tirelessly but can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for. We don't have a septic system and have checked p-traps. It's not an ongoing smell, it comes a goes. I sometimes smell the same smell through out the neighborhood when we walk our dog at nights. Is it dangerous? Also, how can we fix it?
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Municipal sewer systems are vented to the open air by way of every house. If you are detecting the same smell occasionally around the neighborhood, I would quickly check outside the next time you smell something inside.

During colder weather the air exchange in a home increases (google stack effect). It is not uncommon for a house to replace all of its inside air every 3 hours, thus an outside smell will quickly seep inside. Whether the smell outside is actually the source of your problem or not, it is a problem for the town and they should be made aware of it and the possible connection to your issue. If they resolve their problem then perhaps yours will go away.

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That's also the smell they put in natural gas to notify you of leaks. If the house is all electric, no worries. If you have gas appliances, it might be a good idea to call your supplier. They will inspect for free. Could be an issue with the furnace (if you are using it) since you only noticed it when it is cooler.

I'd try and pay close attention to what is going on when you smell it. Wind blowing from a particular direction, furnace running, someone showering?

Personally, I don't really equate sewer smell with rotten egg smell.
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Also, look for an uncovered vent, in the foundation outside, just in case something crawled in there & died.
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If you have natural gas, call the company as a precaution. If they find something that's due to negligence, you might be charged for it. If you are a smooth talker & they find something that has an easy fix, might be free. Aside from that, assuming you have natural gas/furnace, I would check those areas.
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I'll just throw another vote into calling the gas company. They won't mind coming out and finding nothing.

If it's not a leak, it could also be the pressure regulator at the meter purging occasonally. If there's a window or basement vent there, that could be an issue.

Definitely call the gas company (they are there 24/7) and have them check it. If it's negative, then start looking for plumbing issues.
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