Propane tank plumbing and codes??


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Propane tank plumbing and codes??

Hi there,

I live in a townhouse where the walkout basement was heated with gas. When I moved in I never used the basement and the propane tank that was connected outback was removed by the tank owner.

I am now branching out into the basement and would like to heat it.

I called a local gas company to see what it would be to get a tank installed, gas, etc. The person that came out to install the tank in the old spot saw that there was an outside electrical outlet, pretty much right behind where the tank would go and said the tank couldn't be placed there is the outlet was live.

He moved the tank 5 feet away from the outlet and the connection into the house (right next to a support beam for the deck) and said he would have to come back to run some copper piping up the side of the deck (for support) and then down before I could connect it.

I've been calling for a few weeks now to see how much it is going to cost and when it could be done and finally got a hold of a person (instal was back on 11/23). They said it would be $405 for parts and labor, which for 5 feet of copper plus some connections and a few sections on either end seemed high. When I asked if I could have a local plumber do it I was told it had to be installed by them. Is that true? She said they would have to pull another permit to run the line (a permit was pulled to place the tank), but I figured if I didn't go with them again next year surely the next gas company could use the line and I wouldn't have to do this every time.

Then when I said, well what if we disconnect the outside line (my uncle is an electrician and I'm sure I could get him to do it) could he just put the tank where it used to go. I was then told it is also too colse to the sliding door. It's about 3 1/2 feet from the edge of the part that opens.

I live in Massachusetts and am not sure what the codes are, but that day the guy dropped the tank off he only seemed concerned with the electrical outlet. I realize some work has to be done one way or the other, but what's true, what's fair, and does it have to be by them?

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Not sure about where your at but in my parts... va. You can pull permits to "do it yourself". Have an inspector come out and find out what you have to do. Then get the permits do the work and have them reinspect and clear the work. I wouldnt think that you "have" to use "them" as long as its put to code you have a permit and the county oks it
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I'm pretty sure here, in NJ, the company that supplies the tank does the tank piping. That may just be a company issue with the propane distributors.

If it's your tank.... the plumbing can all be done by you.

Others will stop by and chime in.
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I don't know what specific rules apply to your location but the image below could give you a starting point.

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